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Welcome to Martin Blust

We are very happy that now – after in South America – also worldwide the guitarists and string instrumentalists learn more about Martin Blust quality strings and take benefit from it.

When Santiago Blust, the founder of this old experienced string factory in Buenos Aires, developed his first automatic winding machine he did not suspect that he laid the foundation stone for a large strings program.

There are a lot of string producers in the world, but there are only few companies where family history, involvement, development and quality are united in such convincing products.

The outstanding features of all Martin Blust strings are:

- The use of high quality materials
- The production with full automatic machines
- The collected know how of more than half a century in development and production

The Martin Blust strings combine experience in proven tradition with modern production techniques and guarantee thus a high quality standard in all areas of the versatile strings program.

Straight Connection and the family Blust wish you always a good pitch with the
Martin Blust Strings.